The Shamans Mask 2.0 - 2019

The Shaman’s Mask of Light

The Shaman is one who sees and stirs the spirits of environments, fueling himself with
their universal energy and allowing him to spawn magic. The Shaman Mask 2.0
shields the wearer from bad juju while also tapping into the light-energy plane
allowing for communication with spirits not yet manifested in the physical

At the center is a wooden H’Eye, symbol for the opening of the “third eye” (when Body,
Mind, and Soul are balanced). The mask features two golden rings and dots that
represent the mind and soul, the individual’s non-physical elements. The body
element of the H’Eye philosophy is not represented in its construction as it is
fulfilled when an individual wears the mask.

The mask base consists of shrinking circles constructed from the finest prime cuts
of Backwoods blunt packs, representing the many layers of smoke (obstacles,
struggles, and reflections) needed to be overcome in order to reach the center
of true self. One cannot look onto the light-energy and outer realms without
struggle and bloodshed. The Shaman’s Mask of Light was spawned prior to the
global rocking of pandemics and politics and was crucial for maintaining the
balance among spirits, inside and out.