The Shaman War Mask (2019)

The Shaman War Mask is a multi-medium sculpture made primarily from the
finest of Backwoods packs combined with fabric and bear fangs/claws. Following
the Kuker theme in the Spirits From the
collection, the mask is meant to be intimidating and ferocious.
Legend says that as the Shaman made the war mask by infusing the fangs and
claws of a bear, thus giving the wearer incredible strength and great ferocity.
While constructing the mask however, the Shaman and bear spirit became friends
and began to joke and laugh. The Shaman realized that while the fang and claw
were powerful and could destroy most things, it was the bears laughter in fact,
that was the most formidable weapon.
“It’s easy to win with war, easy to kill and destroy. But with laughter and joy
you can win life. Build, create, unite…. the possibilities of peace are