The Blunt Dress - (2012-14)

The Blunt Dress is a full-body suit of armor made out of blunt packaging and fabric. Consisting of a headdress and jacket, the piece is inspired by the worldly phenomenon of cannabis culture as a ritualistic practice. Smoking with others creates a connection between individuals that blends the interior and exterior realms of life, unifying people through their experience. The idea behind the Blunt Dress originally began with a dream of the Blunt Goddess Spirit appearing to one of the creators.

“She appeared from the golden light of the burning ash, dressed in a flaming suit of blunts. Spoke to me and my brothers, uniting us with her smoky words.”

By using the emptied packs of blunts in its construction, the dress symbolizes the different encounters, adventures and joys experienced by the artists and countless contributors who donated the materials. The message behind the Blunt Dress exists in granting status onto the wearer as a social being. Someone able to travel to anywhere in the world and perform the smoking ritual of unity, native to the people of Earth.

Collaboration with NEDO