Star Gazer -2020

The Star Gazer was summoned after the ash of a massive bush fire was flown across the world, entering the spirit portal left open by the destruction of Champ Okamiyasha. Exiting the portal into the physical plane was a 1.5ft spirit totem in the shape of a koala with tusks made of deer antler. Looking less intimidating than its Kuker inspired brothers such as the Omni or Little Bear, the Star Gazer does not fight against evil and bad juju, rather works to spread healing to humanity. Born of blood and ash, welcomed by the Shaman and released into the world. The spirit walks upright looking at the lights of the cosmos for guidance, tapped into the energy plane with one eye and promoting the BSC philosophy with the other. However, looking up instead of straight causes the Star Gazer to trip often, puncturing the Earth with his tusks every time. Seeing the impact of his actions, the Star Gazer immediately throws seeds into the holes he created, preaching the message that if you destroy, you must then fill the void left in the energy plane. The Star Gazer is fully aware of his process and trusts the flowing energies to direct his path. In his travels the Spirit has become more aware of humanity and their destructive tendencies. Through this he has not been angered nor been engulfed by the seeking of vengeance. Instead he is inspired to set an example for how mankind can co-exist with nature, planting fruits and vegetables and shooing wildlife from the harms way of human practices. The Star Gazer is a believer, one that bets on people even though some have given up on themselves. His whispers can be heard on the breeze;

“Children of red blood, have faith in the energy that fills your lungs while also forming them. Fight not, for you are all, and all is you.”