Shadow Spirit Mask - (2021)

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, The Shaman’s Mask of Light was used by the Shaman to connect his body, mind and soul and gain access to the light-energy plane. However, where there is light, there exists shadow. Upon looking onto the light-energy, the Shaman’s shadow-self was spawned. The Shadow Spirit acts as a physical projection of the darkness present within. It manifests depression, doubt, and distress as a counterbalance to the joy, balance, and peace of the light-energy. The Shadow Spirit is an intimidating force, but the Shaman knew the dark presence is not a negative. Instead of trying to defeat the Shadow Spirit, the Shaman chose to grab and fuse with it once more.  


“You are part of me; therefore, you are me. Together we will be, apart no more.”  

With that, the Shaman now wears two masks, those of light and shadow.
Tapping into the light-energy plane ever since, the Shaman moves with a powerful light and even more powerful shadow. The Shadow Spirit of the Shaman follows and protects him, often causing mischief, but never leaving him exposed. Darkness and shadow live within all; ignoring it will turn mischief to madness.  

The Shadow Spirit Mask has 14 crocodile teeth from the Sobekuker. These teeth hint toward a battle between Sobekuker and the Shadow Spirit. Legends say the conflict ended with the promise made by the Shadow Spirit to honor a task tied to the afterlife; a final journey into which the Shadow Spirit will lead the Shaman.