A state of chaos consumed the
Shaman, heartbroken by the times of today. Inspired by the BEGOAT’s questions,
in a state of push and pull, wearing the masks of light and shadow, he reached
within and pulled his rib cage apart. Releasing into our realm scorching flames
and tidal waves, darkness and light, fury and peace, quaking the land. Flying
out amongst the forces: The SEEKER Kuker.

The SEEKER immediately stopped
the vortex surrounding the Shaman and sealed the energies back into his chest,
grabbing his ribcage with his talons and closing it.

The SEEKER Kuker spawning in chaos left him as a combination of many energies.
Crocodile teeth, lobster claw, phoenix/raven feathers and seeds from a pine tree
all wrapped in exotic fabrics and THRC philosophies. Unlike his brothers, the
SEEKER was not intentionally spawned by the Shaman’s smoke rituals, thus lacks
the Backwoods elements in his body.

Thanking the SEEKER Kuker for
helping him conquer chaos, the Shaman gifted him a spirit wasp, some kush, and
some super fresh kicks, before sending him into the world to continue balancing
energies and restoring peace.