Pharaoh - 2020

By Flips BSC & Chris Burns

Pharaoh is mutli-medium totem of protection based around a legend from the Shamans Scrolls.

The legend speaks of an Egyptian leader of the past who became enlightened to the realm of spirits by the linking of his body, mind and soul. Seeing the benefit of sharing this knowledge with his subjects, Pharaoh began building a portal that would allow humans to see into the spirit realm. However, men corrupted by evil and greed sought to overthrow him and take his rule for their own. With the help of his spirit guides, a Sphinx and Serpent, Pharaoh opened the portal in the trunk of a dried tree. At that moment, the forces of evil crept up and flying-bicycle-kicked Pharaoh into the portal! The Serpent quickly dove in behind his master, but the Sphinx was captured and the portal burned. The Sphinx became overcome with sorrow and anger and burned the kingdom to dust, then turned himself to stone, to await the return of his master.

Removed from time and space, Pharaoh and his Serpent drifted through the Spirit realm, meeting and learning from all types of spirits. Gaining ever-more spiritual enlightenment and absorbing the energies of life. Searching for a way to get back to the mortal realm, Pharaoh eventually learned of another portal, one guarded by a sloth…

“Naw fam,” spoke the OG Slothaz, guardian of the City Mandala Portal.
“You seek passage but have been here too long,” he coughed as he ashed his blunt.

Pharaoh had been able to hold his soul in himself, his mind in the Serpent, but had lost his body because his Sphinx had been kept from him. He now needed a summoning, he now needed the Shaman.

“Find me the messenger Slothaz, I need summoning!” commanded Pharaoh.

The OG Slothaz crept through the portal to the realm of man and found a fire holder to be entrusted with the message. Blessing the fire holders dab rig and big bag of kush, the message was sent.
The fire holder traveled many moons to finally reach the Shamans keep, the only person who could perform the sacred summoning ritual.
The fire holder sparked the blessed herbs with the Shaman and the mission was clear.

With the help of the Master Wood Burner, a Serpent and a Sphinx, the Shaman built a new portal to the Spirit Realm. Swirling with sacred inscriptions and topped with the blessed dab swords, the Shaman burned the blessed herbs and called forth new form to Pharaoh.
Emerging with only his bones, flesh long since lost and replaced by eternal gold. His left eye replaced by the sacred ring of life, a wooden object that reflects the concept of eternal life. His right eye turned completely gold, reflecting his vision of life in the best of light, seeing only the goodness, blocking the shadow and darkness. His companion the Serpent, now fused with him and acting as his third eye, allowing him spiritual visions of peace and harmony.

Pharaoh now takes on the role of guardian to the Pyramid Portal. Light bringer and teacher, Pharaoh protects the person who helped him return to the moral realm. Blazing it up all day everyday, with the fire holder.