“Omni” Kuker - 2019

The Omni Soul Spirit (Omni) is a multi-medium sculpture of protection. Unlike other KÜKER sculptures made before, the Omni is not meant to protect a single household, rather it is meant to travel and provide blessings to the world. The piece combines raw natural elements such as ram horns, wolf bone jaw and bear claw with man molded objects (textiles, gold, silver, copper, metals, magnets, plastic, paint and wood). The materials used to create the Omni hold individual symbolic as well as acting in unison to address the relationship between man and nature. The creation story behind the Omni Soul Spirit can be used to decipher more about this totem.

Spawned by the Shaman; Omni,
to honor the Spirit of three fallen creatures at the hand of man.
The Shaman sparked 1000 Backwoods filled with herbs for the souls.
The raging spirits found peace and manifested a body out of empty Backwoods packs.

Taking, the skeletal form of the Shaman as a sign of respect and gratitude,
Taking, every spirit claimed its own set of arms.
Keeping a bear claw, as a warning to man and his harmful practices against nature.
Keeping a wolf-jaw bone, to remember the howl and language of nature.
Keeping ram horns, to maintain its strength, self-control, playfulness and love.
Hoping. A heartless, six armed and levitating Omni Spawned.
Ready. Motionless, awaiting the spark of love.
Ignited. The missing heart, quickly replaced with a blessed Shamans bell.
Some things can never be lost.
Forever love.

Breath and warm aura.
The Shaman taught Omni about the balance of good and evil found in man,
the cycle of energy and forces of the universe.
The Shaman entrusted Omni with the Staff of Balance, Bell of Life, Tea Pot of Dreams and Dagger of Death.
Omni took on the H’Eye Warriors Armor, symbolizing the connection between the three parts of man (Body, Mind Soul) leading to the opening of the third eye of enlightenment.
Omni was then sent out into the world.
The Shaman said as he watched the spirit leave,
“Child of Nature, Spirit and Man, you will bring peace to the world.”