LOBSTAR (2021)

To guard his scrolls, the Shaman
sparked a hundred Backwoods and spawned the LOBSTAR. An OG bad-mon crab-mon
with hella attitude who don’t take no ‘guff from no one, yo!

While the LOBSTAR Kuker is a ferocious spirit known for his “crabby” attitude,
he also has a big heart and is undyingly loyal. With the energies gained from
his crocodile teeth and lobster claw base, he uses his fire-water style to boil
summon portals that retrieve Shaman scrolls.

His one glass eye is always tuned in to the scroll chamber he guards, forever
focused. The LOBSTAR spends his days chillin, smoking blunts and cracking bad
jokes with the Shaman in the scroll chamber, often stirring up mischief.