The story of Sobek is one the
world has known since before the spawning of the Sobekuker. Praised by earlier
man as a bringer and protector of life, yet feared for his primal animalistic temperament,
the spirit of Sobek was drawn out into the physical world by the Shaman during
a soul-searching mission in the world of water. As the Shaman swirled his
energies, he was cut by a passing shadow, mixing blood and water.

To maintain his peace and flow,
the Shaman sparked a hundred Backwoods, dropping sacred herbs and ash into the
bloody water. Sobek’s spirit rose from the water’s depths and entered the
physical realm through the mixture. Blood and water fused with ash spawned
Sobek’s crocodile skull, and around it created a body from the cloth and blunt
packs of the Shaman. Taking some of the Shaman’s spirit blood with him, he
manifested the sacred bells, the golden sword of war, and the staff of life.

Emerging covered in gold and
blood, the newly spawned Sobekuker opened his jaws and tore the shadow to
pieces, eating its essence and returning peace to the world of water. Thankful
for the spawning, the Sobekuker decided to stay with the Shaman and protect him
in his journeys.