Horned Shamans Servant - 2019

The Horned Shamans Servant was spawned to serve as a guardian against bad juju and negative energy. Following in the Kukeri theme explored in the collection, the totem combines Backwoods Blunt packaging, cloth, bone and various found objects to create an intimidating human form with horns but no legs. The Horned Servant has two large goat horns to symbolize meeting of negativity and danger head on. However, the totem does not promote confrontation in the scope of violence. Instead the totem carries the BSC staff, promoting unity and self-awareness. In the other hand he holds the Kettle of Flames, a device meant for war but repurposed to serve as a tool for peace. Pouring the Kettle of Flames when in the face of danger and negativity unleashes a fire that engulfs both parties, locking them in timeless state where peace can be found on mutual ground. A ring of skulls around the waste of the Horned Servant represents the souls who choose war and thus waste the gift of life.