Champ Okamiyasha - 2015

Champ Okamiyasha is a multi-media relic made from bone, wood, fabric and ink. The piece centers around the skull of a wolf, originally given to the artist by a Bulgarian hunter. The Champ Okamiyasha (Champion Wolf Demon) relic is a protector for the home, warding away evil spirits and bad luck. The ferocity of the wolf is infused with the good karma of the City Mandala it rests in, taming it and uniting it with the artists’ spirit to form the spirit guardian relic. The City Mandala was hand burned by Master Burner Chris Burns, infusing within it the final element to create the mentioned spirit guardian; fire. The karma behind the elements in the City Mandala design also hint toward other philosophies that help to tame the ferocity of the wolf. The signature Flips’ Swirl Style found in the inner circle mirrors the sequences of life, and the enlightenment of understanding these sequences. Infused around the skull, the Swirls crawl onto the skull of the wolf, engraining the philosophy into it.
The CN tower and Buddha Buddy Elements around the mandala ring give it the name, City Mandala, linking it to the place where all the people (hunter, master burner and artist), plants (wood/inks) and animal (wolf) came together to spawn this guardian spirit relic; Champ Okamiyasha.

Made by Flips BSC
in collaboration with Jack T. (Hunter)
and Chris Burns (Champstiles)