BeGOAT (2020)

BEGOAT Kuker; A spirit totem
born subconsciously through the smoke ritual performed by the Shaman at the
border of light and shadow. In pursuit of tapping into the universal energy,
the Shaman wore the Mask of Light, an action that spawned a thundering of
summons. Aside from the spawning of the Shadow Spirit, the action summoned
another totem; the BEGOAT. Both spirit and Shaman stared at each other. With
Light and Shadow masks crowned, the Shaman looked at the Spirit with wonder:
Why had it spawned? What is its purpose? What does it mean, to be G.O.A.T?

The spirit looked at the Shaman and with a simple gaze, flooded the Shamans
brain with the prisms of perspective. As a simple concept, light and shadow
came naturally to the Shaman, but the grey matter flooding the conscious stream
stunned and sparked the energy flow within.




seek it,

need it?

do you fight it?

is it real?

what is beyond the horizon,

beyond goals,

beyond belief,

beyond the self?

As quick as a flicker of the
flame, the BEGOAT Kuker turned,

seeking another to answer his questions.